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Ways to Protect your Personal Injury Awards when you Divorce

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There are many things that could happen in our life that we wished wouldn’t happen at all. Sometimes we do not believe that things we see in TVs can also happen in real life. When it happens, we can be pretty lost and sometimes shaken. An example of this is personal injuries from all sort of accidents. Realizing that you need a personal injury lawyer Colorado Springs is one thing. Going through with the lawsuits is another.

Filing a claim or going through a lawsuit can also be a difficult experience. You’ll have to go through events or situations that you’d rather forget. However, necessary to win the case in your favor and so, you did get your settlement or award. However, what happens to it if you do get a divorce? The answer is a simple it depends on the decision of the court.

There are many factors to consider when the court make a decision on what happens to the personal injury award when a couple decides to divorce. The decision depends on a couple of a couple of factors but all is based on facts regarding the arrangement. For example depending on how the money was allocated, depending on the date of accident, or the date of your separation. That won’t be all but those are some of what the court would decide to do.

It is easier for you to speak with an attorney regarding this problem. That way you can make sense on all the legal jargon and you won’t feel as lost when faced with the issue. Wading the waters of divorce and settlement can be painful for some. Most especially if there are children to consider caught in the middle of crossfire. So, what can you do to protect the personal injury settlements you have.

  1. You should have an individual separate bank account to deposit your proceeds. Do not under any circumstances co- mingle the assets unless an equal distribution is resolved.
  1. There should be a specific allocation of the damages of the claimed, so distinguishing between personal and marital would be easier and clear. This will help the court make a decision faster and fair.
  2. Speak with your personal injury lawyer regarding the likely event of divorce so, a consultation with a family lawyer will be put in priority. Most especially regarding the rules of the your state and so they can work out how to best approach the case.

There is only so much you can do, but make sure that you are taking the necessary guided steps to ensure that you walk away from the separation with an equal distribution of marital assets. Speaking with your lawyer can help you with more than what you think. Just make sure that you do not hide any details prior and during to the proceedings so that they can see the whole scope objectively. This way they can also help you win the case and move on.

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